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 August News



Some of our achievements over the past year


· With support from the Norwich Society, NCC has been approached about the low level of maintenance of their properties in the street. So far, roof repairs were carried out to three NCC buildings. Outstanding work remains.

· Continuing representation is being made to NCC about the three-fold increase in traffic in the street resulting from the closure of Princes Street. The issue has the support of the Norwich Society and a visit from English Heritage took place in July.

· Objections have been raised concerning the planning process for the erection of an electricity substation in the Monastery car park.

· Earlier this year Norwich Police, through their Safer Neighbourhood Team, addressed our concerns about antisocial behaviour at night in the area.

  • The community garden in the churchyard of St Simon and St Jude has continued to be maintained.
  • In consultation with Norwich City Council, we have contributed to the maintenance of Elm Hill Gardens and two crab apple trees have been planted.
  • The street planters have been maintained and finally the street and pavements are now subject to regular cleaning.
  • The lime trees at St Simon and St Jude have been pollarded.




· The Norwich Trails booklets “Elm Hill” was launched this year by HEART and favourably received by businesses and residents. It is widely available to visitors – currently free of charge.

· Elm Hill Stories has been updated and HEART are to launch a “sister series” to the new Norwich Trails booklets which will be called Norwich Stories. Elm Hill Stories will be the first in the series and it is planned to go to print late July.

· After the withdrawal of sponsorship by EEDA, our website www.friendsofelmhill.org is now hosted at the Crome Gallery courtesy of Iain Pusey.

·Following an invitation from VisitNorwich, a presentation was given to the “Bed and Breakfast forum” to promote the street to visitors to the City.

· Elm Hill is now part of the new Cathedral Quarter and is being promoted as part of the Cathedral Quarter’s marketing strategy.

· The Hungate Medieval art museum has been opened in St Peter Hungate with support from the Friends of Elm Hill.

· Businesses in Elm Hill have been encouraged to promote a street “International connections theme” during Heritage Open Days in September.


Other work is in progress but currently constrained by a lack of volunteers!

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